Friday, April 2, 2010

Wake up ! Stand Up ! Lets fight together against Child sexual abuse

They say there is nothing more peaceful than having a child fall asleep in your arms. Being a mom, I can vouch for that. A child, the closest that one can reach the divine on earth, the innocence, the wonder at everything that is around. A child that we as parents bring into this earth with so many dreams, with so much of love. A child who can melt the hardest of hearts . A child in whose eyes we see complete trust for people, adults to whom he looks up. The very adults, some of whom abuse that trust and very inhumanely abuse the child, crushing that tender flower forever.

Child abuse, a word that every parent dreads. Its scary to read the papers when they report the increasing instances of child abuse in our country. Children who are younger and even infants are not spared by these inhumane sorry excuses of human beings. 

Most often, the abuser is someone who the child trusts, a family member, family friend or neighbors. The case of the 12 year old child who was brutally gang raped by her 22 year old cousin and 8 neighbours including an 71 year old man for 2 consecutive years is horrifying and fresh in everyone's minds but there are so many cases that go unnoticed and unreported in our country.

A victim of child abuse is forever scarred for life. The emotional trauma and psychological effects of the abuse is not something that will go away and the person who grows up with this kind of a horrible experience never really recovers to lead a normal life. They may grow up to become offenders themselves or may isolate themselves from the society as they have lost their innocence & that basic trust in human nature. They may grow up with so much of anger, towards the society, towards their circumstances and as we all know anger can only create more violence.

So what are we as a society, as parents of the generations to come, doing to put an end to all this? In a country where the legal system is not too strict about punishing such offenders, its no wonder that people don't report child abuses. It is the duty of each one of us to protect our future generations from the clutches of these sick humans. We have to fight for tougher laws to punish these offenders so that the crime rate reduces. Stricter laws and more vigilance to keep our children from harm. Instant Death penalty or Capital Punishment for the offender so that anyone who thinks of harming an innocent young mind thinks 10 times before he/she actually attempts it.

The time has come to ACT now and raise our voices before another child is harmed and becomes another newspaper report in a paper tomorrow. As a parent and as a concerned citizen I feel as a collective voice maybe we can make that difference so that the world is safer place for our children to grow for they are our future generation. Join Me my giving me your support as I take on this long and arduous journey to punish the perpetrators who scar the innocent minds of our children forever....

We will WIN even if it takes time...the journey of a 1000 miles begins with the first step... Together we shall change the system... Please Vote in favour of Capital Punishment and Death for people who rape children and minors...

- Farah

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  1. I completely agree on more stringent laws for the offenders who absolutely are inhumane .In fact I would call them a race worse than animals and applaud you taking up this cause in a serious way. Being a mom of two, I am completely against any violence against children and you definitely will hear me raise a voice and support you on this one.

    God bless you and may this crusade of yours garner enough support to make it a huge success.

  2. Yes indeed, it is a very serious issue which has to be taken care of in our country. Such brutality has to be stopped and we are always with you in this noble cause which has been initiated by you.

    I am always with you and sincerely hope this mission achieves it goals which will save the future of our country ... the innocent children, who are suffering from this horrendous crime.


  4. Child Abuse !! very serious issue

    A am always with you farah Hope together we all solve this issue soon

  5. Absolutely right.Capital punishment or Death thats wht culprits deserve,no words thats it

  6. From across the ocean my prayers and support are with you for this huge task.

    I agree, it will be a HUGE success!!

  7. this movement will surely get Success.................... you know, almost 60% culprits are roamin' freely ... this is worst one can imagine!

    We Want Justice!!!! And for that I'm with you... whole-heartedly...


  8. This is indeed a touchy as well as a serious subject to be voiced about. I have had lots of things in my mind to write about but at the same time get choked to sometimes hear or read things that happens with our kids these days.
    The one that I recently came across was story of baby Briana that made me realize at one point, are we even humans? or worst than any animals?

    I want people to go through this video. Lot of my frnds told me why I sent them this video. The idea was not to make anybody sad. But it was for all of us to take some stand against such cruelty. So please if you guys watch it then make it a point, you raise your voice for such issues as well.

    Let not there be any other Baby Briana in this country who has to suffer and have a silent death please.

    I am with you in this Farah. God Bless you for atleast taking the initiative and helping those who need any kind of support desperately.

    ~Chulbuli Rhea